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Friday, May 4, 2012

TO BUSAN! (and happy birthday iza pyon)

May 4, 2012

Its the last Day of my Exams.
Which is also chinese exam. 
I WAS very very confident of my chinese wann
but then, I did not realized it was actually another korean exam that requires me to translate chinese to korean -___- 
I feel con-ed!!!
but oh wells never mind, everything is in the past, all I am thinking of right now is doujinshis to get from comic world Busan!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥  /bricked .

When school officially ended, the school was nice enough to arrange a teacher who is heading to seoul to let me tumpang her car ♥. It was a 1hr drive from guang ju to Seoul.

Once I reached the station, I met with Dragon. Well yeah we will call him Dragon, he is sort of like my mother friend and yeah he is korean.
He helped me settle down on the train and everything else then I left the station at Seoul to Pusan  perfectly off.  

 the train station
 Dragon ajushi helping me deal with Busan ticketing ♥
 The trains
 my time of departure

I left for Seoul to Pusan at 2:40 pm, It was a 3 hour ride down to Pusan from Seoul by using the KTX ,which is also fastest and comfortable way to get to there.
The seats inside the ktx, you can put ur luggage on top of the seats :)
The ktx will stop in various stations,
and the last stop is Pusan (in city),
but since I will be living in Sasang (which is also in Pusan obviously),
I am getting off two stations earlier.

After upon arrival, my Malaysian comrade came over and pick me up. We both then took the subway to Sasang.

Sasang subway stations have lots of stairs, if you are holding a very heavy luggage, there are lifts around, but then if there is a lot of Ajumas and Ajushis waiting in front of the lift. then..........i guess the stairs is better ^^" 

The Ajumas and Ajushis here pretty much wants you and will force you to let them use the seats or lift or anything. Sometimes pretty unreasonable for Malaysians but then, thats how Korean culture is like orz
 walah! I arrived in Pusan !
 Gupusan is what written up there!
 panas !
 the subway ticket.
 subway ~~ u pretty much can suicide here if you did not notice ^^"

After reaching Sasang, we met up with another Malaysian comrade and then we all went for dinner.
we had our pleasant little chat of our lives in Korea in our very the long time no speak Malaysian accents with lots of Rojak \o/. Never felt this great and talkative in a while haha ♥♥

 Mandu ! \o/
 seafood kalguksu 
(busan is famous for seafood, you guys should maybe try something seafood-ish someday in Busan)

 dessert was something with sugar and cinnamon inside, tasted pretty nice.
I will update the name of it again perhaps when I remember it.

 Thats all for my first day arrival on Busan. Regarding Comic World Busan post! It will be on tomorrow, I am too tired to blog right now so I will tell you later. 

here is the fare ticketing price of the KTX :

KTX official website

and here is another fanart to my favourite character ORIHARA IZAYA cuz I was too tired to blog yesterday ;W;
sorry a quick sketch I did for him on thursday night,
was too busy prepearing (?) exams so cannot really draw a fully nicely colored one. 

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