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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

♥ Another weekend in Seoul (co-ex, deongdaemun and grand children park) ♥

16 June 2012. 

My host families went to Malaysia to visit their dear daughters during their holiday together,
so I was placed into another graduated student's house for a home stay. 
Her name is Seo Won Yeong and apparently she is studying in Malaysia and she is on a holiday :D
We stayed in Seoul, at her Aunts house which is located in yang jae for the weekend.

On Saturday Morning we went out together to grab some breakfast! 
Some so called famous and fancy cafe in korea and apparently their breakfast was pretty good. 
or maybe its just me being deprived from eating all the good food ever since I came to korea 
Did not mean to forget the name of the cafe ._.

 me and Won Yeong
 me and Won Yeong's Aunt
Won Yeong and her aunt!

Bagel!!! I admit I Bagel deprived. 
Their Bagel taste really good,
 I mean for me yes since I am deprived from eating other types of food lol.

So like after Breakfast, me and Won Yeong left her aunt and we headed to Coex. 


Coex is sure a big mall and there is many foodie places to go to. Its definitely one of a shopping place to head to in Seoul.
 A picture of Coex after getting out of the subway station.

 hey look its a familiar face :P 

When we reached Coex, Won Yeong wanted to bring me to the Aquarium in Coex, But on our way there we keep getting strayed away and attracted to different shops. So I got attracted to this plush shop which was right next to the nintendo shop (okay i admit i was actually more attracted to the nintendo shop HAHAHAHHA)

And apparently I have the hobby of collecting T-Rex related plushes and figures XD. 
This baby was not cheap ;w; besides he would take up my whole closet in my dorm so I had to drop him down.
 I was pretty sad since he was the last one left. HE IS SO LONELY!!!!!

The nintendo shop obviously sold alot of korean translated games to cater the market. There were several side merches though, I admit I was tempted to get the pokemon related side merches but then I thought it was pretty useless so I dropped it. The other reason I went into the shop is so that i can check the nintendo 3ds price. It was around rm 600++ almost same marketing price with Malaysia so I had to reconsider. 

 So we arrived at the Coex Aquarium.
The Coex Aquarium was pretty old, it existed for maybe more than 10 years already.
All Aquariums are the same to me, whenever I see fish...I really want to eat fish lol.
In Coex what kept it interesting was the creativity of the different tanks. It was more of an art museum just that there is fish inside the masterpiece.

 interesting to see fihses swimming in a vending machine.....SHIZU CHAN DROP THAT NOW U WILL KILL THE FISHES

this was another interesting concept.

hahhahhhaa one of my favs there!
fishes in the fridge =D
so fresh!!! XD

me at the aquarium


So at the very end of the aquarium, we saw this love testing machine of sorts...
And I don't now why but to only think of gakuen version of N and touya!
 Okay I admit my imagination too win. My N/touya poison very deep oTL

Think about it, N and Touya going to the aquarium for a research project.
While N was ranting how sad these so called water pokemon is confined, Touya just looked over at this machine curiously. and the story continues down 8D


okay sorry I pokemon BW deprived.

Anyway after the aquarium tour we went for lunch, it was a norm to eat fish after a tour at the aquarium but I was craving for some tonkatsu instead so we ate at the opposite of the aquarium.

 yums! but abit too big for a girl like me to finish. I was not hungry (?)

After that we stopped by Dong Dae Mun fabric market just to check it out.
The fabric market was really big!!!! OMGOSH LOOK AT ALL THE LACES AT THE DOOR!!!
This is one small shop of all of them only!!! So many varieties!!!
 Because there was so many varieties, I actually did not know what to buy T_T
But yeah I got myself a zip for touya's jacket. 
I might come back for more after the exam period.  

Grand Childrens Park 

 We had time so we decided to head to the grand childrens park after Dong Dae Mun.
The grand childrens park ferris wheel has been often seen in Cosplayers shoot so I was wondering how did it looked like.
I was really curious. Besides Malaysia did not have a very pretty ferris wheel so I decided maybe to have at least one photoshoot in Korea before heading back to Malaysia =)
The grand childrens park was big and it was quite a long walk just to get to the theme park section from the entrance. 

 the actual ferris wheel,
ok the couples....i did not know that they were there LOL

the ferris wheel from a distance. 

Personal response after seeing the actual thing was..
It was not as grand as I thought it would be lol. 
But maybe its alright to take photos but need play around with angles
I heard that there was a prettier one in Everland. Maybe I should check that out then only decide . 

 Outside the grandchildren park there was pet vendors.
They sold rabbits, hamsters AD DUCKLINGS AS PETS!!!!
So friggin cute!!! *duck lover*

 guess what this is a plastic surgery advertisement in the Korean subway station.
Pretty interesting and creative XD

 we ended the day by going back to coex (on the way back) to grab dinner.

Below is my Hauls of the day ♥♥♥♥

Actually I have been reading BW special manga online for some time already, the stories were pretty incomplete online and I was really confused.
After buying the books, it pretty much tells me everything and what actually happened.

And yeah Special Black (aka. speacial touya) 's personality is abit ....shounen but he is pretty cute later on! I kind of support him and white later on in the manga, white tends to be better and nicer after she got rejected pushed by N.

 N ah....He is such a lovable asshole in the comic, and very ooc comparing from the N in the game.  |D
I still prefer touya as a gentle and kind kid while N as the supposedly ouji and gentle and abit kichiku seme HAHAHAHA.

yay ♥♥♥♥ n/touya fangirl day completed with imaginations, ferris wheels and MANGA!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

♠may happenings: singing festival and sports day ♠

so May was actually a very happening months will lots of random long weekends >///< 
remember the choir singing festival I mentioned in my previous blog posts? 

Yup that happened!

so because its pretty out of the norm, I decided to blog about it after receiving the video from my teacher of the choir singing competition.


Sports Day :

So sports day in a korean school is just like any typical sports day lah, their school has a pretty big field so sports day was held there. 

I remember my last sports day when I was 15, that time I was still in Kuen Cheng girls high. I remember being involved in the Cadet so I did not really joined any activities as I had to guard the gate to prevent students from running away lol. 

Since its sports day in korea, they obviously blasted lots of kpop songs to bring up the atmosphere! you can see students dancing all the kpop moves and singing to them. I mean its pretty common in Korea so why not ? XD
Anyway below is the picture spams hurhur ♥
 me and my pals at school, So som and da som
 we communicate with body language 8D
p/s: my name don't end with a som lol

skipping rope competition 

 me and So Som 
(shes more of a mamasan than me XD)
 rawr! we wear gloves for tug o war!!
 we went like kogi kogi kogi to signal each other LOL
 (kogi means meat in korean btw)
picture credits to my teacher hoho
so koreans like to freeze a bootle of water in the freezer :(
guess I cannot drink it until it melts lol
reminds me of the business story avinesh told me before XD
me and my seat pal on may !
Her name is Ji Won. Shes pretty cute hahahhah.
 some sports day pictures
my class wears a jersey!
we rock hahahha 

 free milk shake given by the class. 
its pretty nice after a hot day.
our lovely award. 

we won 70,000 won for being the 2nd in sports day and 100,000 won for being the first in choir singing. 
Our school is pretty generious eh XD