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Sunday, May 27, 2012

♠ CW 110 seoul and CW Busan 75 dates and information ♠

Comic World official page released the dates and information for the next comic world event 
a few days after Comic World Seoul 109 has ended!

Here is the information and sorry for the late updates!

♦Comic World Busan 75♦
Date : 14 and 15 July , 2012 (saturday and Sunday)
Time : Saturday 11am - 5pm ; Sunday 10 am - 5pm
ticketing fare : 4000 won (1 day)

 ♦Comic World Seoul 110♦
Date : 21 and 22 July 2012 ( Saturday and Sunday)
Time : Saturday 10:30 am - 5:30 pm ; Sunday 10:00 am - 5:30pm
Ticketing Fare : 4000 won (1 day) 
Extra:   tips on how to get to SETEC and hotels nearby SETEC


****Note for malaysians whom wish to attend this event!!
4000 won is around rm 12.

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♥ tips on cosplaying at comic world korea ♥ 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

♣ Tips on cosplaying in Comic World Korea ♣

I decided to share my tips and experiences on cosplaying etiquette in Comic World Korea.
This will be all in english to aid those foreign cosplayers whom are interested in cosplaying in Comic World Korea ^^

♠ General Rules ♠
♠ No matter whether you want to join a cosplay competition in korea or just cosplay for the fun of it, you still need to register.

♠ After registering, you will have to pay 1000 won just to cosplay in comic world korea, They will give you a hand band which states cosplayer in return and it enables you to use the changing room provided at the event itself. (yes there is no discounts for cosplayers here unlike malaysia)

♠ CHANGE TO YOUR COSTUME ONLY WHEN YOU HAVE ARRIVED AT THE EVENT. Which means no changing at the subway station or wearing your costumes from home, they are pretty serious about this.

♠ It costs around 500 won to storage your bags for two days at the event, its pretty much a safe place to keep your bags there after changing into your costumes.

♠ The Registration Form ♠
here is a sample picture of the registration form i filled out on the previous Comic World Seoul 109 event, you may print the form on the web or just fill it in when you arrived at the event.
translated it with red text beside it in english as a reference
a place at the event where you can find the forms.

♣ Suggest to all cosplayers whom wish to buy doujinshis! Please buy everything and then only change into your costume!!! Doujinshis sold out pretty fast in this country , you walked one round back to the same booth AND BAM ITS SOLD OUT !
Besides, its not very convenient holding your fandom when you cosplay and someone wants your photo.

♣ Better to bring along a helper if you want to wear something very pika fuwa to help you with your costume.

♠ Bring your own mirror with you to the changing room, yes there are mirrors there but they are often not available as many cosplayers use it, and its hard to get by your chance.

♣At Bexco, water in vending machine sells out fairly fast in an event, and there is usually a long queue at the convenience stores inside the convention center. Its safer to bring your own water bottle, but there is always a starbucks inside bexco if you are craving for some teas, coffees or other ice blended drinks.

♣In the subway station near Bexco, there is a high end shopping mall where they have a food court where you can buy yourselves lunch before attending the event. Bring yourselves 10000 won at least for lunch just to be safe, but you can also buy kimbab which only costs at least 1000 won to bring and eat at the event itself instead.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

SELLING : Pokeballs from Korea

ohai people,
as some of you know I am currently living in korea.
training to become a pokemaster (the worlds very best!)
And due to demand, I decided to sell some pokeballs to you young pokemasters out there >D

Item description:
♦These pokeballs are actually just pokeballs with 2 pokemon erasers inside, its really adorable :D
♦It comes in a few designs but there is only one accurate design which is the normal red one    therefore I will only sell the red one. (no premium ball no master ball just normal pokeballs)
♦It can be opened
(yes but....in a bit awkward way, if you people don't mind then its okay since I know you cosplayers/fans would rarely open it in photos anyway XD but however it can be modified into the accurate pokeball opening way)

I USED TO SELL IT AT RM8 ONLY because I used  to have people to help me bring back which do not include shipping fees from korea to malaysia.

So I will be airshipping the pokeballs back to Malaysia, and the shipping fees will depend on the amount of orders I recieve and the amount of the shipping you have to pay will be divided within you and the other buyers. 

The price of the shipping will be included later on, after the pokeballs arrived safely in my dealer's hands =D

Note (before ordering!) :
-if there is a little damage on the item, I am sorry, cargo and luggage is not friendly.
-patience needed
-each person at most can order up to 2 pokeballs. 
- I am still a little student and i tend to get busy, I apologize if I cannot get back to you in time.
- opening orders for MALAYSIANS only. 

contact : hapihoshikuzu@gmail.com

♦ Batch 1 ♦


now I shall give you a sentimental -ish pica as a gift |D 

because....he is not in BW2 *sobs in corner*

Saturday, May 19, 2012

♦ Doujinshi Hauls from seoul comic world 109 ♦

Seoul Comic World Doujin booths were way more than expected, all the amount of booths available there are estimate trice the size of comic fiesta 2011 last year. And definitely way way way more than the booths in Busan Comic world 74.

It was kind of sad since I kind of ran low on cash by buying so many doujinshi goods! It was like totally out of my budget, but then, I know if I do not buy it now, I should never expect to see it again ^^" Doujinshis here sold out fairly fast, especially it takes a long queue to get into the booths of the famous circles. 

I was really satisfied because I finally managed to get my self more than 2 pokemon bw fanbooks that shows hint of Ntouya and 2 Ntouya fanbooks with very splendid artwork and storyline.♥♥♥♥ 

♠ Anyway more reviews below! ♠

 happily ever after broke LOL 


I managed to get myself the last book of the alibaba anthology which was filled of wonderful artwork , fan comics ,and it cost around RM36 or something if I am not mistaken , slightly more pages compared with the Judal anthology I bought but have less colored pages.

it mainly consist of all babas 
but maybe some hints of baba x ryu ryu (I have to read it again to double confirm)
 I am happy because there is Jafar topping Alibaba! which is one of my favourite CPS ♥

some pictures inside the anthology book
this short fan comic of fafa and baba was pretty cute HAHHAHAHA
Alibaba went to kiss sleeping fafa and fafa woke up and....AHHAHAHAHHAHA♥♥♥♥

Never ending story the doujinshi, 
it consists lots of funny short comics of N 
such as N failing to stalk touya and touko 
and some random child N 
Its pretty enjoyable ♥♥♥♥



And then there is also The Gyakuten Saiban fanbook that I bought for my sister because she is just nuts about it 
Here is a page I took inside the gyakuten saiban fanbook. 
I never really read it properly yet because it contains many spoilers and I obviously have not finished the game yet ^^"

brb ovaries exploding at the moment T//T
 fwa fwa ♥♥♥♥

fwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ♥♥♥♥

detect black the doujinshi was pretty sad, I pitied touya abit, and I had the urge to slap N >:|

I was wishing for more of the Ntouya dooujinshis that had more comedy scenes thugh but then sentimental stories are still my cup of tea ♥♥♥ I really need more Ntouya goods and doujinshis T////T

p/s: there was actually one Ntouya mouse pad but I was 1000 won short on it so I wasn't able to get it REGRET THE ONLY REGRET!!! SERIOUSLY!!! I would not mind getting the posters too but then my mum would freak out because she is homophobic :C (nvmIwilljusttellheritsashorthairgirlandalonghairboyLOL)

 some bookmarks I got *fwa fwa mode*
also subway gay bros
a little present and souvenir from the event >W< 
Hasen gave me a pair of diamond lashes ;////; 
uwahhh she is so nice ♥♥♥

cannot wait for the next comic world, but then I think they will start selling more BW2 goods than BW =( oh well as long as there is touya and N my love will be still on FIRE!!! now I kind of want denji and koki now :'C

Friday, May 18, 2012

♠Comic World Seoul 109 (day 1) report♠

Yay! long awaited report is here finally!
sorry for procrastinating for so damn long, I was really tired on Saturday and Sunday night and I was too lazy on Monday XD

This report would be longer than my Busan comic world report since this time I attended comic world as a cosplayer instead of another visitor. Visiting as a foreign cosplayer is certainly an adventure! If you are interested in cosplaying in Korea. The information here might come in handy.
I will write another blog post on regarding how and tips to cosplay in Korea ! 


12, May
Slightly cloudy

My first time traveling in Seoul alone, not really since I went together with my english teacher in the morning but parted ways right after we reached Seoul. Because of that I was so excited until I woke up around 6:30 am , which my original plan was actually to wake up around 6 am. Why I have t wake up so damn early? well, thats because I had to and need to leave the dorm by 8:30. I rushed my shower and make up and managed to get most of my makeup done by 8:30am. After that, I did the rest of my makeup in school since its open on Saturdays for the dorm students to self study. Since the exam just ended, nobody really bothered to go to school to study so it was only me alone in my classroom mwahhahahhaha !!!

After everything was done, I waited for my english teacher at the convenience store that was nearby her house and got myself something sweet to boost up my energy. Around 10 am, we moved to the bus station together and sat on the bus to seoul. It was a 40 minutes to an hour drive. We got off at Gangbyeon Station around 11 something and then took the subway and parted to each of our own destinations.

 at the bus station with my english teacher
(yes the Caucasian)

Scenery from the bus (yes we were arriving at seoul)
(korean subway station often got romanji signs 
and some english so its pretty easy to follow up along)

When I finally reached Yang Jae station, I decided to grab myself a bite, and since I am obviously stingy on a budget plan, I had kimbab for lunch ! only 1000 won!! (rm 3) and very filling! Can be found at most convenient stores.

 my kimbab
 (forgotten what flavor but comes in many varieties and prices)

After filling my hungry tummy, I decided to walk out the station and perhaps catch a bus to At center. 

Sadly I was too stupid to even know which bus would take me there and was fed up upon realizing I cannot walk there so I decided to just take a cab from the station to At center.
It costed me around 3000 won (rm 9), which kinda hurt my heart since I was alone and I was on a budget plan.

After cw ended I walked to the nearest station. and it was the DX line (the red line) which was one station away from yang jae station,



Anyway back to the topic, after getting off the taxi at At center, we can already see many cosplayers lingering around and YAY I AM FINALLY AT COMIC WORLD SEOUL 109!!! (ノ>▽<。)ノ

some photos I took upon arival at cw in at center

 the line is actually much shorter than before I came I guess, since I arrived quite late, around 12:30 pm? the wait wasn't long, the committees were very efficient.

 see how many lines one would need to wait around 10:30 Σ ( ´Д`;)ノ
 my ticket 4000 won.(rm 12)
Since this was my obvious first time at comic world seoul. I obviously don't know where is the changing room and where to sign up for cosplaying. So I decided to ask one of the committees, most of them speak korean but if you are lucky enough, you could find someone that is able to speak english (like how i stumbled into a few that is able to speak english). They were very friendly and nice and directed me the way there. THUMBS UP FOR PROFESSION AND EFFICIENCY!!! 

At center opened up two floors for Comic World Seoul and these two floors were filled with doujin booths!!!
And just so you were wondering, each floor in Comic world is around the size of AFAX in singapore!!! and two floors is just DOUBLE THE SIZE OF AFAX!!!! 
Each hall have wide spaces for doujin booths. and at the two ends of the hall there is some wide spaces so that cosplayers can rest or maybe hang out. 

 rough sketch from what i remember on ground floor, 1st floor the layout is similar but just add in the stage at the side (which the doujin booth masters cannot see ) and the changing room. Sorry I could not find where to get the event booklet so this is the rough floor plan out lah ^^"

DB - doujin booths
cw- comic world 

So then, I got carried away and ended up looking around at the doujin booths since I am pretty sure it will be much more of a hassle if I were to buy alot of doujins and holding it when I am cosplaying so I think its better to buy all the doujins first. besides, they might be sold out pretty fast. 

During Comic World Seoul, I was pretty much happy and satisfied since I was able to find all the pokemon BW N touya doujinshis as I wished >//< happily broke yay! ♥♥♥♥♥♥
 As usual there will be another review blog on that ♥♥♥

And so, after I filled in the forms to cosplay, I went to the changing room to change into my costume.The wait for the changing room was pretty fast too! each person will be given a number and a room assign to change. The changing room size is pretty big and its set up like in one cubicle each. Maybe around 55 stalls? the size was quite ok, its like a shopping mall's changing room, just that it is portable. Its pretty efficient!! too bad some room were a bit dark ^^" and there is no mirrors in each rooms but then its already considered good enough for an event like this.

 my room number assigned

Anyway after the changing into my costume, I went to stalk cosplayers and take cosplayers photos, thankfully my camera is functioning for the day, it did not die on me like the last time i used it in Busan ^^"So then, my first stop would be the main entrance of the AT center.

cn : 아스카 
I kind of talked to her abit, we managed to talk a little, with my broken korean and her broken english since we both love BW. She was actually pretty friendly :D but then she had to leave to her friends so we left. We did exchange kakao talk ids though! thumbs up to her wig styling! I wanted to do nobori too actually XP

 some utapris
 uke alibaba

 more utapris
 I shall assume this is vocaloid
(unless anyone is nice enough to tell me what character are they cosplaying)

And of course there is some people who loves Jafar as much as I do so they also asked me to pose so they can take a photo of him. Honestly speaking, my first attempt in cosplaying in comic world in korea felt like my first time cosplaying in comic fiesta back in 2009. I felt very excited and I trembled most of the time hahahhahaha *paiseh*

So here is a camwhore of myself, I admit I did not do my jafar makeup as nice as my photoshoot one a few months back then because I rushed it and partly because I lost touch in playing with makeup.  (゚´Д`゚)゚

 At least I remember the string this time LOL *bricked*
arghhh my big fat nose (T▽T)

lmao my prop half way break through the plastic bag
so sharp lololol

So, after stalking almost all the cosplayers I seen in the entrance that actually catches my attention, I decided to move of to the place where to crowd was heading to, Interesting thing was they wasn't actually heading towards the event hall but somewhere outside. So out of curiosity, I obviously followed them.
wild shinku spotted *snaps*

and then i kept following the crowd until someone called out "JAFAL!" and the I looked infront and found a yamuraiha with pika pika eyes looking at me asking for a photo. I was of course happy! We posed for each other and took each other's photo, after that she came over and talked to me. I talk to her with my very bad korean and when I felt pushed into the corner....I blurted japanese instead orz *fail*  But then body language works so she invited me to walk around with her :D Which I was certainly happy ! Being in a pair is better than going solo hahahha. 

cn: 미로 (miro)
camwhore together!  
omg whut I am so damn short orz I look pretty tired in this photo lol

more magi cosplayers on my way! 
nice height difference! 
(you know...I am actually shorter than that mogu?)
 So down the crowd we followed leads to a bridge and the bridge leads to a park filled with cosplayers! And this is some scenes on top of the bridge
 you would not want to walk into that tall grass unless you own a pokemon :P

just follow the crowd~~~
 so I recognized a HTF gijinka cosplay group
and they were surprised I recognize every single one of them
(bwaha I know I am awesome LOL)
 So cuddles gave me a felt made cuddle with her blog attached to the back,
Judging they wasn't so good at english,
I decided to not talk to them yet. Maybe when my korean gets better I hope
 in every event anywhere....you can find fujoshis swarming fan-services
nothing new, but its recently strict in Malaysia,
no fuck or comments about that though
 so like....I see this cosplayer again
(the one I attempted to talk to in busan but failed)
ah well, I bet she did not recognized me since...my face looks very different each time I apply makeup LOL

 there is also stalls outside the event hall, usually selling those type of anime-tech style of merchandises and some korean snack and water to cosplayers.
Pretty convinient! HURRAY THERE IS WATER!!!
some epic cosplayers
but then again, they were busy shooting so I decided to leave them alone.
 saike nyan !
 another epic group (spot the crossplayer!)

So after making one round in the so called park, we decided to head back to the event hall and on the way back, we spotted some pokemon cosplayers (yay!) 
I love pokemon alot so I deff need a photo of them ! Sadly there wasn't any BW or DPP cosplayers TWT I will stalk and molest a touya when I see one ! 8D

special red and game red
 silver, hibiki and kotone
*fwa again*
 if you were worried about not having enough money for doujinshis, there is always an atm machine outside the hall (like seriously right outside the hall)
 some event pictures

So Miro, her friend and I decided to walk around the event hall on the ground floor. We browsed around the doujin booths and I managed to find myself lots of Ntouya doujinshis as well as gyakuten saiban fanbook. Miro kept nudging me to look at the sinbad x jafal booths LOL, and I was just there trying my best to dodge them >//<. Its awkward when you cosplay a character that everyone assumes is an uke while walking around those fandom booths orz Besides, I am not really a big fan of Sinbad x Jafal. I prefer Sinbad x Judal HAHHAHAHAHHA . *bricked*

Miro's friend was nice enough to treat me a drink Q//A//Q I feel so happy omg even though I am not really a fan of energy drinks

miro's friend.....sorry I forgotten your name orz
should have listed it down on my handphone *sobs*

 So like at the basement floor of At center there is actually a few shoplots where you guys can buy your lunch at. Some of them are opened, there is a convenience store and a Chinese restaurant if you are craving for better food. halal or not I did not really check ^^"

So Miro and I decided to break up because she wanted to rest while I wanted to have more adventure! So I walked all the way out, wishing to stalk somemore epic cosplayers, maybe a magi group? where there is a judal I can molest his abs fight with? Or maybe bump into another fafa and then end up fangirling at her/him ? XDDDD
anyway more photo spams below:

 kotone team rocket suit
 ahhh inazuma cosers,
I still find shine's group doing the best job on wig styling though :D

Feeling slightly braver, I end up venturing deeper in the park, on places I tend to miss out and I find more cosplayers resting there, after all its spring and its cooler outside than being cooped up in the event hall.

 fafa's adventure into the forest
 you can see, the forrest is obviously the place for cosplayers to photoshoot lol
 here is some subway masters
 princess !!!!

The cosplayers really know how to camouflage into the forrest. but it still blends in pretty well. I had a hard time trying to find cosers that are nice and free so I can have a photo of them taken. 

And as I was wandering, I suddenly saw a magi cosplay group from afar! I was glad my eyes did not fail me at this moment! (my eyesight is actually pretty bad) So I ran towards it, eyes meeting a wonderfully tall sharrkan *q*

I literally ran towards them, only seeing pitsi and another yamurai (not miro) walking away , leaving sharrkan alone. When she saw me she was also surprised (yay white rufu!) and obviously she recognized that I was cosplaying as jafar. I asked her to pose and have her photo taken and then waited for the rest of the magi cosplayers to come back.

when they came back, they were excited as I was. We end up talking for a while and then soon I realized they could speak very very good english! Which was pretty rare!
We all exchanged kakao talk Ids and phone numbers and they invited me to take photo with them >///< They were really friendly. I love them alot. WHITE RUFUUUUUUUU
 sharrkannnn *q*

♥ camwhore with the magi group I saw ♥
yamuraiha : 김치킨 kimchikin
sharrkan : 신비 shin b
Pisti : 조음 jo em

Then they also introduced me to their other friend called 하센 (hasen). She is very cute and friendly too! She can also speak a bit english which I was happy. We also exchanged twitter accounts and emails. She even gave me a new pair of falsies as a memory gift ♥♥♥ Uwahhhh she is so nice >///< 

Hasen as cardcapter sakura 
(actually I love this illust version alot >//< I should read cardcapter sakura sometime)

 so this is how it felt in a korean cosplay community hahaha 
as friendly as Malaysia
 my photo with sharrkan >//< 
sharrkan and yamuraiha

one photo with Hasen, okay ignore my face.....I look kinda bad LOL

Half an hour before the event ended, I decided to walk back inside the Hall and chnage back into my normal clothes. When I walked back inside I saw some perfomances going on the stage and some cosplay competition skits on the stage. I find the bleach skit pretty good, sadly its in korean so I can only go mula mula mula yoooooo HAHHAHAHHA oTL hitsugaya's ice wigs were well made, too bad I was too short and my camera sucked so I wasn't able to snap a photo of them T___T 
 (mula in korean is i do not know)

after changing, I decided to have dinner at Gang Nam station and then travel back to Gam Byeon station and take the bus back to dorm .  Gang Nam station has lots of good food around. There is even lotteria if I am not mistaken but I was in a mood for something less oily so I ate Oden instead. Without realizing it was kinda spicy because of pepper overdose. But overall its quite enjoyable anyways. 

Overall I enjoyed my experience to Comic World Seoul better than Comic World Busan because of the wide varieties of doujinshis sold here, other than that I met a group of really nice people (o´ω`o)ノ 

Honestly speaking I cannot wait for the next comic world in korea already!
Maybe I will cosplay again ♥♥♥♥♥