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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

♠ Happy Parents Day !!!! ♠

Just so you know, Korea is celebrating parents day today.
Its pretty much like the mothers day and fathers day we celebrate in our country every year. 
The only difference is that its fusion together into one day.

Its not a public holiday and of course I still have to attend school.
 Nothing special really happened during my whole day at school except only the morning service they show something in korean about family
which I could hardly understand and I slept through it.
 Other than that, after school,
some of the dorm students were picked up by their families so that they could have dinner together (same tradition with my family, seeing it makes me feel nostalgic )


Most of the free time I spent today was looking up on camera reviews online. My beloved and faithful DSC TX 7 is broken down. I pretty much preferred a small digital camera I can use for blogging that could take high definition pictures and maybe filled with vibrant colors. 

Pk recommended me to get the fujix10 to replace my old camera. So I went and look up on information, price and reviews, when I found the fujix 10 a bit pricy in Malaysia, linkinstreet suggested another few camera brands for me that were cheaper and better to handle in budget terms.

In the end, I end up looking at alot of camera reviews because it links towards and were compared with another few cameras. The variety of choices made me lost and casted away from what I really wanted. The fuji x 10 was really tempting but then my father at home was the only one that knows the most about cameras. So I decided to send an email to Dad regarding the fujix 10 as well as wishing him happy parents day in korea. In the email I also mentioned about the spoilt camera and other reasons why I need another camera (I do not even mind if I receive a camera its even temporary).


Being honest my relationship with my dad at home is really awkward. We do not usually talk that often and I really find him very intimidating. Every time he calls shouts my name, it usually has to do with something negative. Besides, my childhood was usually spent with my grandparents until I moved back to stay with my parents when I was 15 years old so the relationship felt complex-er than ever. I never really dared to voice out my thoughts and needs to my father and he never really voiced his opinions that often. 

When I sent out that email, I wasn't really expecting him to say anything good despite I ended my email to him with a 'love, chloe'. I wasn't even really expecting him to actually reply also. After half the day went, he actually replied my mail, which I was pretty surprised. But I hesitated to open it because if it were dad, he would 70% say "NOLAH CANNOT! TOO EXPENSIVE WAIT TILL MARKET CHEAPER BLA BLA BLA WHY U SPOIL THE CAMERA!! etc " oTL


After getting enough courage to beat the disappointment that I might receive, I finally opened the replied mail and ......

I actually broke out in tears, for the first time,
I cannot really explain my feelings but I felt really really happy and touched. 
For once he did not scold me or complained but just said that I can use his fujix-10
. and even ended the email with 'love, daddy'
the 'love , daddy' part really made me cry alot  ;////;



Anyway random food talk of the day! I went to the convenience store to reload my card and I saw the rm 12 mini melt ice cream got promotion and its only selling for rm 3!!! So I bought it |D

 reason why its rm 3 because it has lost shape
 overall still edible and taste pretty nice but still abit too pricy for a small ice cream.
I do not recommend trying one unless there is a discount LOL

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