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Sunday, May 6, 2012

♠ 74 하 부산 코믹월드을감니다 ~ ♠ To 74th comic world Busan~ ♠

5th May 2012,

And here is the long awaited report of the chronicles of Hapi in Kimchiland : invading cw busan 74! /bricked 

Lets start off with the morning,
I am currently living in a guest house for university students in Sasang because my age is obviously too young to live in a hotel. Besides, my Malaysian comrades were living in that university dorm so its easier to do things together.

We took a bus from the university down into town to meet up for the other Malaysians and buy breakfast.
They decided to have MCD for breakfast and for me, since I am still a student and I have limited allowance,I bought my breakfast and lunch both at Paris Baguette.

If you want to eat bread, its better off to eat the good bread since you are not willing to pay for good lunch.  (my POV, besides I am on a vacation after all!)

 my breakfast and lunch
 My breakfast ♥♥ Belgium waffles from Paris baguette ♥♥
Its been so long ever since I had waffles QwQ ♥

When everyone had arrived, we all took the subway from Sasang to Bexco. It was about an hour ride in the Subway. When we reached there, it was already around 11 am.

The station was right opposite the location of Comic World Busan 74. 
And right when we came out from the subway station we could already see people crowding from  a far lining up just to get inside.
scene right outside the station.
from afar, we sees humanssssssssss (izaya mode)

After we gotten nearer, we found out that there was actually two events happening on the same day.
First off there was Comic World Busan and the second was a kpop idol audition of some sorts, many participants with their guitar was lining up too! 

 Kpop idol audition participants
 (apparently their line is longer than cw)

 the supposedly Kpop audition Sign...
 comic world busan!
 line starts from here.
 people lining up for CW busan.

The line was quite long and it was scorching hot.
The kpop audition people were nice enough to give out some fans to us cw attendees even though we 100% have no plans on going to the kpop audition |D 
We Malaysians end up talking crap and comparing comic world busan and comic fiesta Malaysia lol. 
And I realized actually we were all fujoshis! (except for sam gor gor who is a guy :P) From then, we started talking about BL instead LOL. Their level is much higher than me damn!

camwhore tiems! (teh fujoshi group LOLOL)
 kagamine len and rin cosplays to be found as usual in every event XD
 selca (?) <<<camwhore in korean

After maybe.....half an hour under the hot and scorching sunlight (?)
We finally bought the ticket to get into comic world busan 74 ♥♥♥♥ 
honestly speaking I did not check the time because I was too participated in our little malaysian chit chat XD
Once we gotten inside the building we were greeted by cool airconds. (● ´ ω `●)
 ticket to cw has a SEE U on it (expected though lol) ♥♥♥
 love is war
 servant of evil cosplayers 
kagamine rin - shooting star
kagamine ren - nenene (네네네 )

I was impressed with their costumes and something about them attracted me, so I decided to talk to them with my fantastically broken Korean (T∇T)
I went up to them and started to introduce myself in my broken korean orz
and when i cannot keep up, I end up blurting everything in english.


luckily nenene could speak a little bit english and could understand me >//<
She was so tall and I was so short....I envy her height so much (T∇T) and besides....she is so bishie omg ♥♥♥ shooting star was quiet but she was cute too! Sadly we cannot communicate because....my korean level is below average.... OTL

we exchanged world cosplay account and then a herd off ppl went over to them for photos.
I decided not to disturb them any longer and said farewell to them and head off to somewhere else.  

le camwhores with nenene and shooting stars
(I am so fat ughhh ignore me >//<)

I see korean See u in korean fied clothes?
very pretty and tall sheryl nome cosplayer.
gintama group cosplay
chobits, once again the costume is pretty :)
army cosplays?
the second dude from the left looked pretty serious and in character
I could have mistaken him as a real one if he wasn't at cw XD

After lingering around, I decided to head towards the event hall. When I entered the event hall, I was pretty surprised by the amount of doujin booths there, it was much lesser than I thought it would be. The hall was pretty much around the hall size of AFA 2010 cosplayer lingering area, and the doujin booths took like around 2/6 in the hall perhaps? 
But then again, the quality of the doujins sold there were pretty high and the costs of a fanbook anthology was pretty cheap ! (less than rm 50) I bought a high quality Judal anthology fanbook for the price of RM27 only! The doujins and Hauls will be featured on another blog post. 

Sadly for me, I browsed around the booth area twice and carefully, trying my best to find an NTouya fanarts or doujinshis, but sadly to find nothing. They mostly sold inazuma 11 doujinshis and magi fanbooks. (lots of sinbad jafar ones too)
I guess I have to put my hopes into CW seoul for pokemon bw doujinshis next time. ヽ(;▽;)ノ

event hall entrance
doujin booths
the stage for cosplay competition, and a TV screening kuroko no basuke
area for cosplayers to get ready such as makeup etc.
sound horizon

this cosplayer very the yeng, I tried talking to her but then because of the language barrier it end up pretty awkward. I gave her my coscard anyways ^^"
I still feel pretty stupid though

After finding no luck with the doujinshis I wanted, I decided to head back outside to take somemore photos for the blog as well as stalk the magi cosplayers I saw earlier on which walked so fast I cannot chase. WHY U RUN SO FAST SINBAD!!!  ヽ(;▽;)ノ
outside under the scorching sunlight again, just without the big crowd earlier on.
 versus photographers. No comment.

her ciel was pretty cute and nice.

After walking again and again..... feeling abit tired already.
I tried to caught up with the cosplayer with all my might orz she walks really fast zomg
I loved the choice of cloth she used for blingbad it was just so FABULOUS *W*

I actually wanted to talk to her but I cannot stand her white rufu was still traumatized and worried with what happened before with the other cosplayer I tried to talk to before orz  

After that I sense another strong presence of white rufu which was way stronger than before (LOL SORRY I VERY VERY HIGH *bricks myself*)  saw the other group members of the magi group in a far corner. I quickly walked towards them and requested for a photo, then blingbad from before came foward (well back to her group) and they all one happy family take photo together ( ´ ω `)



Satisfied upon already having the photos of the magi group. I went to stalk the htf mini group XD And boy I was lucky enough to find them again ♥♥ 

lumpy, the mole and flippy ♥♥

 alice in wonderland, I really love the setting they put up 
under this hot sunlight
 kuroshitsuji cosplayer! 
 cn :mui and gimjyong (김죵)

Its was already half the day gone and I was too tired to even speak with my laoya korean language, so I end up asking them for a photo in english (which obviously shows that I am a foreigner). 
They were nice enough to pose for me and understand. 
After taking their photo, they both came up to me and started a conversation with me, they praised me for being cute (ahhh I feel so 恥ずかし !! >//< )and asked where was I from.

I of course introduced myself in return (with my broken korean again ) and gave my coscard to them. They were both really nice and friendly, they tried their best to speak english to me while I in return tried my best to speak korean to them. ( ; ///// ; ). 

When I passed them my coscard they immediately recognized that it was Orihara Izaya! 
 They loved the photo alot and end up telling me how much they love izaya and the feel of the picture of my coscard. Uwahhh  僕わとてもうれしです! >//<

One of them asked for my handphone number and the other asked for my page. I was so stupid to not ask for their phone numbers or webpage in return (the heat of the sun got into me TvT) sorry I was so blur so tired /forever bricks myself. Later on her friend caught up so I decided not t disturb them anymore, we bid farewell and they wished me to have a nice day. 

 my first starbucks in korea since gwangju do not have starbucks. 
Did I say I was in a budget plan? well yeah but then all the water in all the vending machines in the building were all sold out ;w; 
so I had to buy a tea instead (MAHAL)

 more htf

 we left cw around 3pm because we felt tired and walked through the underground towards shinsaegae to grab some bites at the food court then we left Bexco and sat the subway all the way back to Sasang. 

 shizu bby showing u cw! XD

overall cw busan 74 was pretty interesting, I really love the artworks and all the friendly cosplayers ^//^ I wish I could attend CW busan again one day when i have more money.

♥♥♥♥♥I LOVE YOU BUSAN!!!♥♥♥♥♥
♥♥♥♥♥저는부산사랑입니다 !!!!♥♥♥♥♥

extra information : 
comic world entrance fee : 4,000 won ( rm 12)
Saturday and Sunday starts in different times , Saturday the event starts at 11am while on Sunday the event starts on 10am. 

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