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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Outside school and exam week

Its currently late spring in Korea now, flowers are still blooming rapidly and violently (?).

The weather has gotten much warmer compared with the last 2 months.

Students do not wear their school cardigan that often anymore,

and some students have already changed into their summer uniform (SEIRA FUKU DAMN MOE WEI) ,

I would like to wear the summer  uniform, but then I have yet to receive my summer uniform  oTL 

If you were wondering about the cherry blossoms, they are already gone,

Green leaves have now replaced the flowers so there is no more cherry blossoms left...  (´;ω;`)

 lens flare, pretty much explains the heat
 all the haksen on their way home (to study for their exams)
 what flower is this ?

 the school gate of Kyung Hwa
 lovely road up and down to school

 these were actually cherry blossoms, but now they are replaced by the greens
 lovely flowers on the side
 An american house in Korea! 
This fella must have been really rich to even afford this type of house in Korea

 Greens are good for the eyes
another side of the road leads another road to the boys high school
lets stalk young and innocent shounens
 mabushi sunlight

 inside school, on my way to the dorm
 since I am in a girls school...I guess this statue has something to do with the history of this school.

♥♥and here comes the food ♥♥

Some snack my kawan kawan belanja me, its called toboki (떡볶이)
Korean students and children loves toboki,
Its actually rice cake in red chili peper sauce,
정말정말 SPICY !!!
but then try everything lo lol.
It doesn't taste that bad ;v; too bad I suck at spicy food.
so in the end i gave most of it to my other friend.

 toboki so merah so pedah lol

Below is a chocolate cookie snack in Korea,
Not making any advertisements or something but I really find chocolates from lotte really good.
This below is one of my most favorite snack I like to eat when I am bored 

whee chocolate  ♥♥♥♥ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Regarding lotte chocolates,
I think they sell it in Malaysia Jusco or something,
why not you guys go and try it out? 
Anyway blog post is over~ 
Tomorrow I have 한국어 test ! (aka. korean language test)
Wish me luck!!!!  (´ ω `  )

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