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Monday, May 7, 2012

♦Comic World Busan 74 pt 2: Doujinshi Hauls And Reviews ♦

Oh yeahhhh this blog posts is gonna be all about the things I managed to buy during the event. =W=

As like I mentioned in my previous post before, there wasn't many doujin booths as I expected during the event, but never less quality over quantity. The doujinshis sold in Korea is pretty high quality and the price was pretty good. 

The event mostly sold inazuma 11 doujinshis and KHR doujinshis, there were also some natsume yuujinchou doujinshis and pokemon doujinshis. 

Sadly they did not sell N/touya doujinshi which I was really looking forward to buy. I even promised myself to get at least two N/touya doujinshis TwT But I guess I have to leave my hopes towards Comic World Seoul the coming Saturday and Sunday instead oTL

 Event Catalog
inside is mostly about which booth won the best artist award and the booths layout and introduction.
pretty useful in the event if you were intending to head right straight to the booth that sold the thing you desire the most. 

♥♥♥ all my hauls I bought in comic world Busan ♥♥♥
♥One whole set of durarara!! shizuiza bookmarks♥
♥Nyanko sensei glasses wipe >W< ♥
(I do use glasses but not that frequent because I hate them |D)
♥Pokemon Bw set bookmarks ♥
(should have gotten the rest ;v; its actually tarrot cards)
♥ Pokemon subway card holders ♥
♥Magi Judal anthology fanbook ♥ 

P/S : if you were wondering about shizu bby, he was just sitting there 
and he refused to go because he was too tired from the event hahahha♥
and no I got him from my trip to Japan two years ago not during my trip to cw busan 

 I used to stalk this artist's work somewhere ^^" sadly I cannot remember the name of the doujin circle who made these awesome durarara bookmarks ♥♥
I love izaya soooooooooooooo much ♥♥♥♥

♥♥♥ Kudari and Nobori and Hibiki and Celebi sunway card holders ♥♥♥
I love the idea of how they made a subway card out of the subway masters 
the concept is really good and actually I did thought of it before hahhaha ♥

 ♥behind the subway card holder still have designs ♥ 
Joltic belongs to the back of nobori and Kudari 
while cyndaquil belongs to the back of hibiki and celebi
the quality of the subway cards were just so superb >W<
 I cannot wait to get my own subway card in korea just to use it ♥♥♥♥

 Pokemon Tarot cards
I only got the BW set, now I regret it...
should have gotten the whole set incuding the other generations >_> 
But never less I love the cards alot ♥♥
really high quality and laminated ♥♥

The best buy for me is forever the Magi Judal anthology fanbook. It was totally high quality and the price was considered really cheap already since there is already like some colored pages inside and the book itself is already really thick. It costs me around 9000 won which is RM27 in Malaysia ♥♥

 The front page cover is so nice to touch *q* *purposely molesting Judal's abs*
not to mention the artwork it self is so nice ;w;
lets flip inside.... >//<

 AHHHHH THIS PAGE MADE ME HIGH (my first flip inside the book)

this doujinshi anthology book consists:
shota Judal
tsundere Judal (well almost in ever page u can see that)
Lots of Sinbad x Judal (YAY)
Lots of fluff and humour
^no joke, I read one scene where jafar was instructed by sinbad to bath judal, and then yada yada skip skip until when judal went back to the kou empire, He was blushing and said to the princess "I...I went to Sindria to ....bathe " <<<AHHHH MOEEEEEEE OMG FAFA WTF HAVE U DONE
 ▶ Judal forever uke

I shall get more doujinshis on my next comic world event in seoul =W= 
I still have hopes for getting pokemon BW N/touya doujinshis no matter what. ♥♥♥
I shall study Korean harder so I can finish that Magi doujishi >W< lucky I can read abit HAHHAHAHA♥♥♥♥

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