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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

♣Back from Busan, back to Gwang Ju♣

6 May 2012

Today was the second day of cw korea 2012, but then I could not attend it because I need and have to head back to Gwang Ju by evening. I wasn't able to book the KTX return ticket but I managed to get a bus trip back to Seong Nam, which is not too far from my school. 

The bus takes 5 hours including a 15 minute breakstop in the middle of the journey. It was okay, but obviously not as comfortable as the KTX. Its somewhat cheaper also. (will update the price later)

The day started off with me waking up at 8:30 am and packing everything and leaving the university guest house at 10am. We then took the bus to sasang downtown for branch and buy myself dinner .After that we took the subway all the way to the grand bus station in Busan so that I can ride the bus all the way back to Gwang Ju. 

Anyway picture spams below, some little events that were triggered in the middle of all the things happening above. My day was overall interesting somewhat I guess :)

 yay! mini luggage !

 surprised by an unexpected encounter of ducks crossing road 
at the bus stop to take from the university into Sasang down town.

 After reaching Sasang down town, we went on with our branch plan, Yan Yee was nice enough to treat me lunch ;v; I had tonkatsu because there was a salad beside it and I was very vege deprieved thanks to the dorm that constantly only serves meat. 

Every food court in korea goes by a coupon/ticket ordering method, its very different from malaysia which where u have to pay the food in the food stall. 
Koreans have a grand counter where you tell the cashier what you would like to have for lunch and then u pay there. In return they will pass u the food coupon/ticket. Each ticket has an order number and on the screen they will show these numbers, if your order is ready, your number is on the screen. That simple.

 the food coupon /ticket
 orders already ready shown on the screen
 my tonkatsu ♥ いただきます!!

After branch we walked to lotteria so that I can buy my dinner to eat on the bus on the way back. 
I got myself a bulgogi burger that costs around 3000 won without the set because it will be a hassle much to bring around. After that we took the subway for an hour to reach to the grand bus station. (Which is the last station) 
 the bus station
 numbers and place where each bus is heading to
 my bus
 allias thanks my dear malaysian comrades for taking care of me in Busan ♥ and also accompanying me to comic world busan 74 ♥♥♥♥ 
camwhore before leaving ;w; 
I will be sure to see u again in malaysia charis!

 inside the bus (seats is not that wide)
 my dinner
 le bulgogi burger

On the journey back, my phone suddenly recieved a kakao talk notification.
To my surprise the cosplayer Mui messaged me.
I feel so happy >/////<

she is really nice omg /////
thanks to meeting her now I feel like going to Busan again *W*

After arriving in Seong Nam, I was greeted by my my host parents ♥ They took me out for dinner again, and....its galbi again. I realized how much korean mums love to feed me bbq. The next meal I trully want is salad..seriously TvT

after dinner they sent me back to the dorm and thats pretty much it, not really an interesting day but yet its slightly interesting, wierd huh?

next I will be attending Comic world seoul on the coming saturday because I am not satisfied with all the goods  I managed to buy from comic world busan 74 XDDD
this time I will be cosplaying as Jafar from Magi again. (solo TvT)

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