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Saturday, May 26, 2012

♣ Tips on cosplaying in Comic World Korea ♣

I decided to share my tips and experiences on cosplaying etiquette in Comic World Korea.
This will be all in english to aid those foreign cosplayers whom are interested in cosplaying in Comic World Korea ^^

♠ General Rules ♠
♠ No matter whether you want to join a cosplay competition in korea or just cosplay for the fun of it, you still need to register.

♠ After registering, you will have to pay 1000 won just to cosplay in comic world korea, They will give you a hand band which states cosplayer in return and it enables you to use the changing room provided at the event itself. (yes there is no discounts for cosplayers here unlike malaysia)

♠ CHANGE TO YOUR COSTUME ONLY WHEN YOU HAVE ARRIVED AT THE EVENT. Which means no changing at the subway station or wearing your costumes from home, they are pretty serious about this.

♠ It costs around 500 won to storage your bags for two days at the event, its pretty much a safe place to keep your bags there after changing into your costumes.

♠ The Registration Form ♠
here is a sample picture of the registration form i filled out on the previous Comic World Seoul 109 event, you may print the form on the web or just fill it in when you arrived at the event.
translated it with red text beside it in english as a reference
a place at the event where you can find the forms.

♣ Suggest to all cosplayers whom wish to buy doujinshis! Please buy everything and then only change into your costume!!! Doujinshis sold out pretty fast in this country , you walked one round back to the same booth AND BAM ITS SOLD OUT !
Besides, its not very convenient holding your fandom when you cosplay and someone wants your photo.

♣ Better to bring along a helper if you want to wear something very pika fuwa to help you with your costume.

♠ Bring your own mirror with you to the changing room, yes there are mirrors there but they are often not available as many cosplayers use it, and its hard to get by your chance.

♣At Bexco, water in vending machine sells out fairly fast in an event, and there is usually a long queue at the convenience stores inside the convention center. Its safer to bring your own water bottle, but there is always a starbucks inside bexco if you are craving for some teas, coffees or other ice blended drinks.

♣In the subway station near Bexco, there is a high end shopping mall where they have a food court where you can buy yourselves lunch before attending the event. Bring yourselves 10000 won at least for lunch just to be safe, but you can also buy kimbab which only costs at least 1000 won to bring and eat at the event itself instead.

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