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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Exams finishing tomorrow! So does my trip starts tomorow !

My exams for Japanese and Korean has finished and the only one left is my chinese which is tomorrow. 

My Korean test was easier than I thought, but still I did not feel that I did that well (´;ω;`) 
I always get confused with all the vowels from 가 to 까, alot of repetitions to me oh well. 
I can read better than I right I believe :(  

My Japanese test was as easy but then I could have done better ^^" screw me for forgetting the hiragana word 
' ゆ ' all of a sudden. (;-_-)/

I am pretty confident with my chinese since I am borned a chinese and I have been learning in a chinese school 
since kindergarten up till now. I guess I will just leave it aside at the moment and maybe pack my things for my departure to  Busan!

Why am I heading all the way to Busan? Its not even the holidays! 
Well, this is because I decided to treat myself nicely after the exams and go have fun with my OBVIOUS OBSESSION WITH ANIMES AND MANGAS MUAHAHHAHAHAH.

wait whut....?


Its probably going to be my first and last event in Busan thought.

The costs of transportation and stay is not very cheap, probably going to spend lesser this month after Comic World Busan. which means no lotte chocolates no milk tea no ice cream no this no that etc for this month......NOOOOOOOOOOOO

My goal for comic world busan is just getting informations and experience only. But the bonus treasure for me is to .....

well some magi doujinshis too but pokemon comes first hurhur 

I will not be cosplaying, but instead I will be wearing my black durarara!! chatroom shirt. I might have some 
Malaysians to tagging along just for fun.

Regarding comic world Busan, I am only attending one day(which is day 1), because the journey from Busan to Kwang Ju is not very near and I have to be at the dorm on sunday by 8pm. 

Stay tuned for more informations and random blog rants about hapi's journey to comic world busan 74!!
gotta go pack my laguage now :P


Comic world Korea official event page (in korean): link

Below is a video about CW busan a year ago. looks pretty interesting no?   

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