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Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunday chilling

Sunday, 29 april

Sunday was pretty much an easy day,
I stayed at home most of the time doing nothing (well, maybe blogging about saturday i guess).
But we did went out to get some good food.
My oma and Apa decided to send me back to my dorm which is located in Gwang ju later at night to avoid jam hours.

So we went out for dinner together and toured the neighbourhood until 8.
Originally we decided to eat  kalgoksu (칼국수) for dinner, but apa wasn't in a mood for some simple food, so we went out for duck BBQ instead =3

here is some photos =D

our little ye darm with apa waiting for le kogi (고 기 aka. the meat) to come XD

we had 오리훈제 (aka bbq duck) for dinner *W*

잘먹 겠 습 니 다 !! bon appetite \o/

oma ordered some soup, since I am not really good with spices, she helped me ordered a non-spicy one.
It taste pretty unique though! I would not say I dislike it =D

the original soup. 
(its actually very red in reality) 

le desert, my first korean ice cream.....its 붕 어 ice cream, 
well in japan it might as well be called taiyaki =P

 yum yum♥♥♥
 red bean and vanilla ice cream ♥♥  
One of the best combos u can get ♥♥

lol, sorry random post is random, posting up food photos for the fun. but regarding the ice cream. I suggest you to try one when you are in Korea, Its pretty good that I really would want another one now hahhaha.

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