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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pokemon BW 2 Review and rants

A few days ago, nitendo posted something about BW2, regarding the new characters and a video of the preview.

Honestly speaking, I was not that happy when I heared that they changed the characters, I was expecting to play touya again lolol (sorry i love touya that much and besides its the same generation man ). 

But eversince I saw the character picture and sheets,  I ACTUALLY MOE-ED AT THE BOY CHARACTER OH GOSH. HE WAS JUST SO SHOTA AND CUTE!!!! 
 even though i still kinda find the leggings wierd la D:

The design for the new girl was abit too girly though, I prefered touko over her actually. Her hair makes me think that she is hime, and her fashion sense looked more like a pokefan than a trainer D:


This is my thought for their personality
I am judging it from the video preview and the official character sheet.
(these personalities are not official but I mean it in a pixiv doujin artist way )

The girl :
She loves everything cute and enjoys reading shojo mangas. Through her vision she can only picture everything like a shojo manga and MABUSHIFIES EVERY SINGLE THING
Probably has a crush on the rival. Very innocent and speaks in a hime tone.

The boy:
A natural type shota that likes going on an adventure. Very innocent and energetic, loves to cling on to people he finds cool (i am thinking the rival). Cries easilly when you do not agree with his opinions or rejects him or in any case a little bit insult. Abit blunt and usually would remind people of a Dog (golden retriever perhaps?) Always have a bad habbit of saying the wrong things. Does everything with his best (because he wants compliments)

^ I am actually quite happy with the settings above, it makes them even more ^q^
and this is how I am going to draw them next time.
their character personality is going to be a huge contrast with the other characters in the game, which i find pretty interesting.

I am very much looking foward to the game release and the characters official names. 

Here is some fanart I did for them <3

 if you want more info on bw2 :

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