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Saturday, April 14, 2012

My school

As those readers out there who don't really know,
I am actually on a korean student exchange program managed by the Sunway group.

I am one of the lucky ones that is chosen to go Korea,
and honestly speaking I wasn't too happy with it because I wished it was japan more.
 My mother kinda forced me into the agreement since I do not really have a clue what I really want to major on for my college and she suggested maybe I should think about it when I am in Korea.
And there goes my journey to kimchi land!

The school I am exchange with is kyung hwa english buisness school located in Gwangju korea.
Its a christian girls school.

Oh, do not get fooled by the name of the school.
Its NOT an international school,
the teachers still interact with the students in korean.
However they do have a session in the morning where they teach the student english vocabulary and have a test every Monday regarding the vocabulary.

Everything is almost like what I seen in an article regarding about education in Korea.
Its somewhat reminds me of the Chinese school i used to attend in Malaysia before, (kuen cheng high school pls) but the hair rules are not that strict like kuen cheng (yeah they OBVIOUSLY DO NOT TIE A RETARDED BUN LIKE KC DOES). They are not so strict with the hair rules, if your hair is below your shoulders, you will need to tie a pony tail and obviously no dye no perm for the hair.
Students here study almost all the time, school starts by 8 am and finished at 4pm, dorm students have to study until 10 pm and its COMPULSORY .
Its all just for getting into a wonderful university or getting a good job.


Korean students here are kind of cute though,
When they first met me, they ask me there questions below most frequently.
1) Do you like K-pop stars?
2) How do you find Korea?
3)What is Malaysia like comparing with Korea
4) Do you have a boyfriend? <-------------------- lol yes. THEY HAVE TO INCLUDE THIS INTO ALMOST ALL THEIR QUESTIONS

Lucky I do listen to some kpop music, if not I cannot really find a topic to talk with them or survive with them.
(such as DBSK, SHINEE, Big Bang etc. <<< thanks to FB spams lol)

They also have some foreign language classes in their class schedule surprisingly such as Japanese and Chinese, I was surprised. Its kinda amusing when they learn japanese, and there goes the 'za zi zu ze zo ' joke, fyi koreans do not pronouce 'z' in their korean language, so they find it amusing and they keep making fun of it. In chinese class they try to pronounce the main land Chinese accent, but since my accent is towards the taiwanese/ malaysian way. They find it kind of wierd, but i guess that is how it goes.

In Chinese and English class I feel like a professional, sorry lah hahhahahaha!
I mean I like with it and grew with it so yeah.
During japanese class I feel much intermediate, since I watch japanese dramas and anime much frequently than anyone else.
I am a proud fujoshi thank you HAHAHHAHAH     
And obvisouly those skills above still will not be able to help me....because ....I do not know hanguk aka. korean language.

long post is long, I guess I will leave it like this.
Thank you for taking your time to read my crappy post.

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