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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Its Spring !

Finally the weather has gotten warmer this week. 
The cherry blossoms had bloomed and its really beautiful.
I feel lucky because people usually travel to other countries during spring in the wrong time to see the flowers.

They either arrive before they bloom or when the flowers have mostly fallen down. 
And since I am studying in this country, I kinda waited for it.
Seeing the flower bloom makes my mood happier. 

I asked my dorm mate on the way to school how long the cherry bloosoms would last.
She said a little bit more than a week.
which is quite true, the flower petals would fall and rain or strong wind would make the process faster.

To me, I quite like it when the flower petals fall down, 
its sadly beautiful, but then many shoujo mangas and what not likes to use it in their scene for romance lawls. 

Here are some photos of the cherry bloosom trees in my school.

I like this photo :D GODLY SUNSHINE OH YEAHH
This cherry bloosom tree,
 is the largest one in the whole school grounds. Its located next to the cafeteria and it is a pleasure to be able to see it from inside during out meals :)

 close up photos <3 yay! more reference <3

 on the school back yard (?) near the outdoor auditorium? 

heehee, you know, if you are on a budget plan, you can always come to Korea for cherry blossoms instead of Japan lawl 

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