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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday Thursday

Thursday April 26 2012

This day, I attended swimming class for the first time in Korea.
Well in Malaysia I do swim but not so frequently.
It depends on my mood.
Honestly I dislike swimming and getting wet,
I think its because of my last word in my chinese name (炜) its has (火) at the side which means fire. 
Which also explains why I love choosing fire type pokemons in most of my starters and almost all the pokemons I really love alot is fire type (aka. Charizard and Victini and Reshiram  orz)  
no I am not into fengshui, I am just assuming so lol
 awkward moments at the pool, not gonna empahsize on that so I am skipping it. 
In korea, students have to take PE class trice a week in school and some would take 2 PE classes in a week with one day of swimming class instead.

The weather was a bit windy but the sky was brilliant blue, Sadly I was kinda blur so I did not take any photos. Well done, hapi well done >__>

Random pictures in class: 

 hey look its angry...b....WAIT ITS HUNGRY DAK (lol rip off much)
 one of the places I love hanging out when I have no class to attend to 

And next off, my class is in middle school.
I attend artclasses there every thursday.
From what I experienced, they kinda teach the students abtract art which I dislike braining about it.
Abstract art.....makes me forever jackie chan face pls LOL

Here is what I did during that class, we were instructed to random cut places and tape it together and get a paper sculpture. Those kids were unique and creative, they have many good works. too bad no camera in class. I made this wierd sculpure of sorts that I forever do not brain. The teacher says its a spoon/ fish/ telescope etc. But to me.....its paper orz (boring person is boring)

After that its just photos of my school randomly taken.

 stairs that i fell on the previous post.
 inside my school, classrooms for learning english (EB)
 A glimpse of Town outside the indoor pool in school

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