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Sunday, April 22, 2012

thoughts of Korea before and then

 Honestly speaking,
This is not my first time in Korea.
I had been to Korea with my grandparents 10 years ago.
That time I was 8 years old if I am not mistaken.
And I was that scrawny little kid that was picky with food.
I remember my impression of Korea that time REALLY WELL.
and sadly it wasn't really a wonderful one.

My impression for korea up until the 2nd visit was that their food is really sucky (for me at least)
During my last trip in Korea, i hardly ate anything (yeah I was a picky kid ),I remember each meal in Korea and its usually kimchi or ginseng soup or whatsoever.
I find the food tasting bland and spicy and wierd. (I still do actually but I am now not as picky as before.)
Its way too different from my usual diet in Malaysia.
Thats why I anti korean food for like....10 years until fate decided me to go back to Korea to study.


My impression of korea before was sucky and bland food, bad autotuned music, korean dramas, plastic human.

But after my arrival and stay in Korea after a month :
> I actually find that Korean people are not really all plastic people and they are kind of cute and friendly.

>Not all the music is based on dance music that is filled with autotunes, there is actually some nice rock    bands around that is not really popular played on buses, sadly I don't know the band but it was sure nice.

> well korean dramas is still korean dramas, I don't know much since I do not really watch them but I will try it again once I have the chance :D

>  the food in korea have quite some varieties, I think I am starting to like 갈비 ( a type of Korean BBQ) and 붕어빵 (simliar to japanese taiyaki). And yeah, I started to eat a little kimchi, I dun anti kimchi as much as I did before now.

being honest I wasn't that happy when I first arrived here and I was homesick like fuck, but now I am starting to get used to my life right now. After all its already have been a month. I think I will start to love it here .

ohai I are fake korean-ing 8'D

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