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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

au revoir my comrade

Wednesday , 25th april 2012
Raining, heavily. 

One of the crappy day I ever was in, 
I fell down on the stairs when I was heading toward Kyung Hwa EB girls high and I landed on my butt.
Thanks to my school shoes which had less friction comparing with my korean fake dr martins which I adore alot.  No it did not hurt, just that my skirt and cardigan was soaked and was dirty. 
I did brought a spare pair of pants, but it was left inside the Classroom. And the students were having a test so I could not retrieve it.

P/S: If you were wondering, apparently the test they are taking, I wasn't required to take. Its because my english was obviously too FABULOUS for it 8'D /is bricked

But well, looking at the bright side, lucky I did not wash my uniform a day before I fell lol! I was seriously considering to since I smell like kimchi chigae and what so ever the cafeteria served. And I wasn't hurt that bad. stairs can be a killer too if it were too steep no? 

Okay, moving on to the main post.
Now let me introduce my comrade, 
She is called Lea Martelleti, 
She is a french exchange student in Kyung Hwa EB.
And She is leaving on the next day because she needs to have a surgery on her back  =(
I hope she gets well soon and our lives will crosspaths once again.
Even though we did not meet for a long time, its sure nice knowing you heheheh 
Here is some photos of her farewell party the wonderful and thoughtful korean students made =)

 lea is really a shy girl *chuckles*

Greeted in a dark candle lit room how romantic!

board filled with words of farewell (?)
 farewell gift giving session

 dis is.....uhhhh CHOCOPIE MOUNTAIN *Q*

 Lea and Jee Hae Song Seng Nim (our home room teacher)
 our school
 le school entrance

lastly a very bad camwhore picture to end the blog post!

more updates tomorrow! stay tunned ya?

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