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Saturday, April 28, 2012

herb island + new hair do 8D

Satuday, 28 April 2012

This week I am living with my host family number 2.
So I am not staying in the dorm and they will bring me around to see special things yay !
Lucky they could speak a little english so we were able to get around quite peacefully.
Since I was here, I decided to take the opportunity to change my hairstyle.
Well,  I decided to change my aunty curls back to straight because I REALLY HATE DEALING WITH CURLS ;W; besides I do not look that good in it, I look like a mum LOL.

My oma was nice enough to help me translate everything but anyway I kind of understand a little korean now, so it was like a bonus (yay!). Anyway here is some photos,

 I live in a smaller town comparing with Kwang Ju 
so I go to a small hair saloon where most aunties go LOL.

The duration of straightening my hair was longer than expected oTL. It took around 5 hours or so, my oma was nice enough to wait for me for five hours so I will not feel so awkward and I will not be so lonely. :D She also help me went out to get lunch. My 2nd korean burger in korea!! Bulgogi burger!

Intereting thing is that they replaced the bread with rice....not bad also la. As long as taste better than mcdonalds then can di LOL. When you guys are lurking in korea or something, do come and try this *W*

Anyway after the hair saloon we went to herb island at night .........not a good idea at all D: at night u cannot really see much and all the goodies are almost sold out (em bread and cookies!)

 my dong seng posing next to a post box >w< she is so adorable I could just bring her home
 (wait whut, u ryugu rena is it ?)

me and ye dam ( my dongseng ) regarding the santa clone santa claus maybe u should continue reading below. 
 yay free pepermint tea tester on a chilly night !
 nice shop is nice, the ceiling hunged lotsa herbs (well duh its herb garden) so it smells pretty pleasant 
 hey look its blue santa clone stalking people

okay, taking a walk in the garden never been this scary before, the accessories look scarier at night LOL especially the dolls hanging on the plants with their eye closed, they look as if they will suddenly open and scare you. HAHHAHAHAHAHHA
ohai garden, I believe you are much prettier in the morning ;)
The wonderful thing about Tiggers
Are Tiggers are wonderful things
Their tops are made out of rubber
Their bottoms are made out of springs
They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy................... 
okay not just tigger i spot....snow white..... just sadder version of the original one.
I wonder whether Disney knows about this yet lol, if they did herb island is gonna get sue-ed really badly

Now on to the real topic, I know you all are curious of why there are so many santa clones around, 
well thats because they have a themed garden called 'santamael', which i assume is a santa clone garden which has the most populated santa clones within it. (other parts of herb island has santa clones alright)

santamael (aka. santa clone land)
we wish you a merry christmas four months late~ (lol)
 behold! santa clones! behind and beside!!!
 santa clone is a loli con! so am I!! XD
 wow this santa clone looks very fierce XDDD
 this one looks very YJ
 this one really......YJ
now lets try putting a loli next to it.....OH NO YJ LEVEL AT 100
 Well, I guess this santa clone is on a diet because he saw too much skinny people in korea :P
lol pretty dress is pretty *A*

We stayed in herb island not for long, most of the attractions are closed or not so attractive at night.
And, our dear little loli was feeling kinda hungry and tired so we left earlier for dinner. (by time we had dinner, it was already really late )

Dinner was galbi!!!!! yay!!!! 

apa cooking galbi for us =D
 hahhahahah ye-darm looking tired.
lastly souvenirs from herb island to close the post.
Thanks oma and apa and everyone ;w;

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