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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

new years eve post; final words before 2013 ends

In a blink of an eye, a year passed by.
It has already been a year and a month ever since my return from Korea.
Year 2013 was particularly eventful.

Many incidents happened, 
Though we may have lost some of our beloved family members and friends,
there were still many good things which happened to turned out to be better in the end.

There were many major turning points in my life that occurred this year.
It started of with the urge to play Cardfight! vanguard and attending college. I was able to meet plenty of people and make lots of friends thanks to my best friend Bridget and of course my own effort.
And then came across Ethan, the odd ball who I redeemed familiar on Bridget's cny party. 
Its really funny how one person told me before how you will end up falling for someone that you hate.
And well, I did (oops) and for some odd reason... we are together now ////

Other than that, college life was pretty interesting. I met some great pals such as Chilim, Stanly and Josiah.
They are unique in their own perspective hahha. And I gave it my all into studying seriously lol. 

I guess overall, I improved in my own human relations and also character?
at least I am not so emo compared with the me few years ago ww;;

So far some of the regrets this year is that I wasn't able to cosplay much  and sadly not much improvement in my art or my language lessons orz;;; hopefully I will be able to drive by year 2014. 

happy new year everyone!
May 2014 be another brilliant year.

thanks for coming by dear. 
❤❤All the best next year okay? ❤❤

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