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Friday, December 27, 2013

★★★Jingle bells ho!★★★

Hohoho, jingle bells.
This years christmas was kind of rushy.
everything happened too fast.
Its like right after comic fiesta 2 days later BAM its Christmas.
I admit I was fatigued and stuff urk.
too many things happening at once I don't even have the chance to rest at all. 

And because of that I kind of caught a flu and got a mild fever on Christmas eve. oTL
Poor Ethan bby was nice enough to stick by my side and take good care of me right on Christmas Eve. (;´Д`)

Different from the past few years, this time we didn't celebrate Christmas overseas but instead at home.
There was a party going on at home for 3 days straight. Starting from eve to boxing day itself.
Plenty of good food, lots of turkey. 
Just sadly couldn't have any at all. 

Either way, the presents I received this year is really wonderful. 
Not to mention, I even got myself 

The sculpture of N san is really detailed and lovely. 
And of course it didn't come cheap either. 
Never thought I would actually get him at all.
Lucky Animon from Singapore was having a clearance sale so I then decided that I will get him.
I poured most of my earnings from my part time job into getting him (or them otherwise lol)

The first figure I opened featured N sama and zoroa with his hat taken off❤❤ 
N sama is so kakoii (*´∀`*人*´∀`*)❤❤❤

 the next figure was N sama and darukmaka! Absolutely cute! ❤❤
all the pressies I received.

❤❤ and then a lovely pendant my sister gave me❤❤ 
❤❤❤sea and sailor stuff makes me squeeee ❤❤❤
I love it!
 then there is this figma I recieved from my Ethan bby 
❤❤nadeko waifu ❤❤
and this is actually my very first figma lol. 
I am more of a nendo collector actually ////

Then there is the shu eumura makeup set form mum
this time featuring takashi murakami's 9 princess series. 
so bling bling mahou shojo❤❤
I received black princess while my sis got pink princess.
its cute hahha
the whole set came with liner and the eye shadow palette. 
not to mention the little cute cut out hearts too wwww (*´▽`*)

am really happy to recieve all these gifts. thanks everyone.
//does a kissy face (。・//ε//・。)

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