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Saturday, June 22, 2013

★★~ポケモン: エヌ 写真(to be updated) ~★★

Whoopeeeeeeeee <3
I finally had my cosplay done for one of my most favourite characters from pokemon BW .
Pedo pervert Natural Harmonia Gropius ! 
well, I actually don't like his full name.... 
So lets just say.... N Harmonia! 

Awww yis ,
N is favourite seme in my oh tee pee 
(Nx touya)
I was originally supposed to cosplay as N harmonia a year ago 
before I went to kimchiland.
But, because of some urgent happenings,
 the photoshoot was canceled 
and I had to delay my cosplay and photoshoot until now.

This time I am a forever alone N without his touya or touko lolol  solo.
I was lucky to get pukwong (aka. ordinary light) to be my photographer! 
and my lovable kareshi aka. ethan to be my saikang. 

We went all the way to icity for the photoshoot 
well, thats because there was a decent looking ferris wheel there.
and we all know N  has his ferris wheel fetishes had a ferris wheel scene in the game with the hero/heroine
not to mention, he loves ferris wheels . 

The photoshoot went well I guess?
Sadly there was a haze going on,
so well... no sunset shots ;__;
There was lots of people 
and lots of children HERDIER

but yeah,
there was a few awkward moments
such as
 few people coming up to me for a photo.  
I don't mind actually! I am more than glad to have a photo with them ^^
girls saying that I am handsome (?) 
And kids shouting digimon

there was also an awesome moment bumping into familiars 
such as....
xsaye and kc!
apparently they were also having another photoshoot going on hahah!

and well...
photos will be up soon on FB /DA/ cure etc.

once again, 
I thank nintendo game freak for the awesome pokemon black and white game
pukwong for sending me and ethan to the venue and back
and ethan for being the best saikang I had so far! :3

 my test shots in the morning before photoshoot in the evening.

(well, ethan on the left and pukwong on the right :D) 

I shall end the post with N playing a royal paladin mlb deck lol!
(hey i should be playing gold paladins liberators instead then!)

---to be updated---


  1. cool cosplay haha! Your blog is really interesting! I can't wait to see more of your cosplays in the future! Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Let me know :D


    1. well hello there chloe. (heh same name XD)
      thank you for your comment, your blog is pretty interesting as well :D Plenty of interviews of cosplayers around the world.
      sorry for the late replies as college life is abit hectic lately.
      I am sorry but... May I know what is GFC?