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Sunday, October 20, 2013

★☆Animangaki 2013 report ☆★

late report is late eheh.
But anyway going to go on another report of an acg event in Malaysia called Animangaki 2013.

I have been attending Animangaki from the the very first time it was introduced as new acg event and it was my first event where I first started cosplaying back in 2009  nuuuuuufailkagurasobsletsnotgointothere
Speaking of which, I think the only one time I did not attend animangaki was when I was in Korea last year. ( ´ ▽ ` ;;; )


The week before Animangaki was a busy week.
There was lot of assignments due 
and heck I even opened a booth on animangaki so I had to prepare goods to sell. 
Lucky thing that Ethan (or named haruki in this post)  was around to help me put key chains into place together with me and rushed it through in order to sell in on the second day itself. 

"promotional ad" made for Animangaki's booth sales.
Featuring Date Alive keychains and Cardfight vanguard keychains. 


Day 1 report: 

Day 1 I cosplayed as Touya from Pokemon black and white again. 
This time, I had my hubbyyesotp!!!! N Harmonia
overprotective Cheren 
and heck I even have a  poke mum!

from the left: Ms Jane, Mum, me, Song Leong, my sis.
stupid ethan didn't want to get in ughh. 

me and ethan lool.

Well... awkward part is...
My kareshi was cosplaying as N and my real mum was cosplaying as...my poke-mum.
best part is....it was all decided last minute...
....... like
 ......at most
..... three days before the event itself...? 

In the end, 
I lent my kareshi all my N Harmonia blings 
and my helped with my mum in planning her costume. 
It was my dream team sobs. 
Too bad my Touko and Bel wasn't around.
If not, Its perfect.

Mum was pretty thrilled another pokemon cosplayer (probably an ash we saw) 
actually recognized her and called her mum hahahha!
And Ethan was busy going all around preaching pokemon liberation hahaha!
and well... infecting lots of people with his horrible puns. 

Booth sales was fine. Them keychains sold pretty fast. 
Sadly one kurumi went missing owe
Day one was brilliant overall to me. 

some day 1 photos:

my little corner in the booth. heh. 

touya and N Harmonia from Pokemon black and white. 
photo : Tony | N : haruki | Touya: Hapi
 heh, carls jr for lunch. (y)

our photos <3
Cheren: Abunai | Touya: Hapi | N harmonia : Haruki 
thankiu Togusa for the shoot ?


Day 2 report:
This time,
 I cosplayed as Aoba Seragaki from Dramatical Murder and Ethan cosplayed as my Noiz.
Valentines day version.
To be honest... so far.. my most favourite dmmd character is koujaku orz;; 
I am a sucker for dudes in Kimono and is oniichan sobs
I have to admit this time, my cosplay is not very accurate.
My tie was dark blue orz;; I am sorry.
nah, not so serious camwhore wololololool.
Thanks samui for lending me your aoba wig as mine was off colored T__T
Day 2... was pretty tiring, my lovely sister followed us around. eheh;; 
She cosplayed as Ib from the horror game Ib.

 this yoshino is the cutest yoshino I have ever seen *v*
 draft punk :D
 uiharu and saten <3
 ahhhhh amnesia group *v* xunn as ukyo <3
ma booth.

Summarized feels
Overall it was okay, Alot of people.
And I live/study/shop in Sunway almost everyday.
Getting food wasn't a problem at all....(?)

I had some fun. Sadly didn't really met much friends. 
Maybe I am too old to socialize sobs. 
Happy to meet some old friends such as melissa again.
Her snk cosplay was pretty great. she really has the heichou height 
loots for both days
thanks ethan for the charizard. 
It was a pleasant supprise.
//terharu sial.

If you are interested in visting Animangaki
You can look up on their official website here.

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