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Sunday, June 9, 2013

★★★c2age 2013 report (day 1 and 2 ) ★★★

Here is a teaser pic! 
photo by razrig
cosplayers : touya (hapi aka, me! ) cheren (abunai) 

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

This is not going to be super detailed report like my comic world reports
however...It would be more of my experience on c2age Malaysia 2013.

The last time I attended c2age was like... 2010.
they held it at Tropicana mall
this time they held it at their very own base, 
help college of arts and technology.

The venue....was...

so back to the topic lol

Day 1 i decided to join the road trip held by suac.
Its a good thing...and a bad thing..?
good thing is that we no need daddy to rage over the transport and worry of getting lost?
bad thing is that i have to wake up early and head to college to wait for the others. 
Besides, its kinda awkward wearing touyachi's jacket to college ww ?

 kenneth doing his job...he looks a little kowaii (?)
the road trip bus =D

I didn't pre-order the tickets before hand due to me being....
hesitant on whether I wish to go.
but in the end I decided to go because... of |D
cardfight! vanguard 

At first ......I kind of asked Jo, who arrived in the venue first to help me get me and my sister's tickets?
but manatahu...
my kareshi manslave help me buy all the tickets instead
feel paiseh to the max....
but why u so nice ....
 blinding sunlight! look at that crowd!
 le day 1 ticket....*cough* Ilikethedesignofcw'sticketbetter*cough*
inside the entrance?

When we reached the venue...there were lots of people...
outside the sun....
waiting to get in
but they cannot...
because ....
vvip is not here yet
well....we were lucky to go in first..
cuz....out kaichou was awesome...
though i feel bad for letting my manslave and jo wait outside...
owe u guys...
I guess...

The venue had a total of 6 floors...
6 floor being doujinbooths and halls for reika meetup I assumes
5th floor being the changing rooms/toilet and vg /gaming area. 
and yes, to my predictions...
there wasn't much doujin booths after all..
more commercialized booths
not all artists are able to afford doujin booths at the price of rm 3xx anyway

some gashapons
no pokemon no talk. 

 look at all the dolfies.......................WAIT! WHAT DID I SEE THERE!!!
 emergerd its nadekyun ;A; so cuteeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

after randomly taking a few walks and meeting a few people... 
I decided to head towards....
the place I want to go.....
 the tcg gaming area....with Jo and my adorable little sister of course! XD
I feel pretty content with the results I got, hardly any losts~ 
My deck was really in a good mood, I am really happy >//<
too bad did not join the tournament. 
Was worried my sis would be bored so...I don't want to risk that =(

me using my aqua force against good o'l Josiah who is using Genesis.

aqua force against royal paladins
 me against my kareshi  manslave, 
with my very adorable giggles watching <3

Of course! Other than vanguarding for me~
I met a few of my friends ~
and walked around and have some of my cosplay taken photo of?
been called ash/satoshi a few times >_>;; honestly speaking that did not felt good... 
btw, I am cosplaying touya /black from pokemon black and white .

 rox as hakuryuu from magi
adorable as usual <3
I always thought snivy suited hakuryuu, because its a regal pokemon
and zagan is hakuryuu's djinn XD
If you know what I mean *winks*

 alistair and gin
(damnit gin! where is my vg fight D=)
 brenda and serena cosplaying as ranka and brenna
 le super shinny coupuru lynn and zon 
so cute la sobs sobs, why i so tsundere to my own kareshi sobs
 chia yiiiiiii and natto <3
 princess mononoke <3 
 stella u pretty ><
 amy <3 
 hehehhhhhh ~ le cosplay competition ~ was okay la... i watched because i was under the airconditiner. //bricked
 judges~ I guess you know who they are.....so I will shut up lol
 and we walked and walked and walked and found these familiar duo!!! shin and doru! //fangirls over them like a beech <3 
my sister is a hardore doru and shin fangirl lol. just look at her shiawase face o//v//o 
 damnit doru's noiz is really awesome ;/////;
 shin whai u so cute when u kuso D:
 moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee photooooooooooooooooo <3

then the rest are just random photos all around: 

 look at all the SAO kiritohs


and thats the end of the day? 

comments for day 1 :
 Pretty awesome ? 
mostly spend on vanguarding~ and it was pretty tiring~
Thanks Jo for taking care of my sis and coming to join the fun! 
hope u enjoy ur new card storage box from ur lucky draw lol damn. 
and thanks alot.... haru-pyon for being such.... a....good....*cough*manslave*cough*'
and thanks to all photags that took a photo of me during the event~ it was awesome. 

Here is a few photos of me taken by razrig during the event <3

spread the pokemon love!

oh not to forget!
I am proud to be featured in Kc's video >//<

thanks alot kc! have a great birthday :D

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

regarding day2, there will be not much photos
because I am lazy....
and I wanted to reward my manslave
 for being such a good manslave the day before 
by spending my precious time with him. 


day 2 :
me and kaerul 姐姐 '//w//' ahhhh kouhaaaaaaa <3 
 kou empire!
I totally did not notice that kikyo was cosplaying as hakuei >_>
 WHAI U PPL NO COSPLAY BW ON DAY 1 *grabs them by the shoulder*
damnnnn ;A;

 went gai gai with serena <3 
her shiro aoba is adorable
cannot wait to cosplay ja'far with u >//<
 natsu and snow...
u both pls go get married SHOOOOOOOOOOOOO 
 BL game characters all in one photo~ BAGUS
sobs I should have cosplayed as koujaku >_>

lastly bakemonos!
btw if you are wondering....I was cosplaying as sengoku nadeko hatless! opening version....
because i lost my hat ....

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