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Friday, May 31, 2013

★~Back in malaysia and time pasts like a shooting star~ ★

Its already has been 6 months (half a year) ever since I returned home in Malaysia from kimchiland.
Many things happened.
I started cardfight! vanguard, 
and hey! I have absolutely no regrets towards that. Maybe other than the finance
Its really fun! 
 Through vg, I also met a few new pals and stuff.
It makes me really happy.

After that, I met my first boyfriend manslave.
honestly speaking .... that's one big leap forward for me >///<
But well, I guess we are doing fine so far (?)
Though I must say,
He has bad tastes to pick someone so.... 
*cough*oresama*cough* like me !

Right now, 
I just finished my first semester in CIMP sunway. 
And here I am ! Having my first sem break of the year!
My results wasn't too bad.
Nearly aced everything...except one B of an eyesore. 

But other than that, life has been pretty great. 
Sadly my bodorolla is not working so I cannot really keep in touch with my other Korean friends through kakao talk QAQ
I miss my teachers and friends and oma and aba!!!

I hope everyone is doing fine with their lives
whatever hardships you are facing,
stay strong! Because God is always there looking at us.

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