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Thursday, December 13, 2012

going home, au revior kimchiland

Time passes by so fast...
Before I knew it, 
Its already time to go home.
And It felt like as if it was yesterday when I first arrive.

It was the end of winter when I came
and the beginning of winter when I leave...

Remember the time how much i disliked this country,
probably because of the food when I was a kid.
And see now how much affection I have towards this country 
and I am starting to miss the taste of kalbitang. 

In Korea, 
I experienced the change of seasons
the beauty of this country
the kindness of the people
and the independence I have to hold onto
and perhaps....
a closer relationship to God.

Thank you very much people,
for treating my very well in Korea...
you know who you are and.....
I will miss you all so bad...
and probably very very bad 

winter is very cold in Korea.
But all your love and care warms me up inside.
thank you very much.
I love you all so...
au revior. 

I shall take all these memories and cherish it 
in my little box
hidden in my hearts core. 


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