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Thursday, September 13, 2012

♦Japanese Club: Lets make Takoyaki and yaki soba ♦

My homeroom teacher , Jo en Su was the adviser teacher for the Japanese club.
So I was pulled in to join the Japanese club inn Yo Go during CA hours on Fridays.

Usually I’d go for art club but its ok for a change once in a while, never joined a Japanese club before but sounds fun to understand and experience some Japanese culture in Korea. 

Why not? I am a closet fujoshi you know? OOT: OH MY ISSHUBABIESSSSS .

During my first visit to the Japanese culture club, the teacher decided to make takoyaki and yakisoba together. 

They even brought the takoyaki machine (which they bought all the way from sushiland omg so pro wei). 

The funny and awkward part was when the teacher acting like the total boss of the club and instructing the students how to cook and then whispered to me that this was actually her first time making these Japanese street delicacies LOL.

It was fun, we made really ugly takoyaki on our first try but on our third IT WAS AS IF IT WAS FROM THE STALLS OMG WE SO PROOOOO /bricked.

I tried cooking yakisoba, it was pretty fun! 
But then I get nervous when I cook in front of many people so I kept trying to make it look good. 
Overall it was a wonderful feast and experience.
I cannot wait for my next CA hour =v=/ 

 we gather to cooooookkkkk
 we mix the ingredientsssssssssss 
we cook the baconnnnnnnnnn

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