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Monday, September 3, 2012

♠ Adieu Kyung Hwa EB, Hello Kyung Hwa Yo Go ♠

September 3, 2012.

The long summer holidays have ended in Korea, and the school gates are open once again.

When I returned back to school, the principle and higher ups decided to transfer me from Kyung Hwa EB high school to Kyung Hwa Yo Go.

I had been living in Korea and studying in EB high school for 6 months already. 
The higher ups decided to let me and the kyung hwa high school students to have more chance to interact.
This was also to give me more opportunity to make friends in kimchiland. 

The plan was really sudden, and it felt really weird and heavy to part away from the class and my classmates. Especially my best pals, So Som and Da Som.

My class prepared a mini “farewell” party before I left, just like Lea’s farewell party, there was choco pie and candles. In addition, I even received a box of candies and some farewell cards. Seeing So Som and Da Som’s words that were the only ones written in Korean kind of make me feel warm. After all they are the only ones that interacts Korean with me and knows that even if I hardly understand their message, I will understand it soon. 


I transferred to Kyung Hwa Yo Go in 3rd of September. Kyung Hwa Yo Go students to my surprise, have more students that can speak English than EB.

I guess its because they study harder here just to get into a good college unlike EB which focuses into getting into a trading company.

The students here are really friendly too. I felt more open heart here and in the end exposed my “doujinka side” to them which I held secretly to myself ultra-privately due to the painful past before that nearly killed the artist in myself. 

This sparked an interest of another animanga little artist from the class named Ji Su ( I call her cham sin aka. Sleep God because she loves sleeping LOL).
She instantly took a liking to me and showed me all her artworks. 
Her body anatomy drawings are pretty good for her age *me eats jelly silently* The best part is…SHE LOVES POGAYMON 8D 
We did two collabs of our oc pokemon trainers. I gave her one as a souvenir (?).

my oc yuu, with a zebrastrika and minchinno 

Seeing her draw during boring classes reminds me so much of my good ol’ days. 
I kind of miss that actually *smiles sadly*

So far so good in this school, my homeroom teacher is really nice too! She doesn’t speak good English like Mrs. Kim or Ji Hae Sensei but thanks to the Korean studies 6 months, I managed to interact with her in kimchi language (y).

I will be leaving in 4 months, I hope everything will turn out fine in the end and this would be an unforgettable memory of my whole life. =D

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