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Sunday, August 26, 2012

★Tomato festival and lotte world experience★

Oh hey there readers! 
Sorry for not updating my blog in a few months o-am-gee!!!
Well, first off, I will combine my experince in tomato festival and lotte world together and keep it sweet and short.  

Tomato festival :
It first started out as a conversation between a foreign English teacher and me regarding things to do in Korea. As we talk, she mentioned about a tomato festival in Korea, and it kinda caught my curiosity.

And hey! since I usually have nothing to do in the weekends...visiting won't hurt would it ? 
besides, I can eat all the korean traditional road snacks there ! <--main point (?)

At first, I agreed to go with my teacher since i thought my host parents would be leaving me at the dorm for the weekend.
But then my host parents decided to bring me there so I followed my host family instead.

Its overall interesting but very hot (summer what else can one expect?)
Everything in tomato festival is obviously revolves around tomatoes.<<mainly
There are games like break the ice to get the tomato out and tomato pool and diy some bibimbap sauce etc. 
but yeah since its a small village festival, there are korean snacks everywhere to eat! 

The tomato pool takes a long wait hahahha and besides...its mainly kids in the pool |D but sureeeeeeeeee its a nice to place to cool down. 

The tomato festival took place at Gwang Ju Teochon : 

 grand entrence ?
 village festivals are so lively FOOOD 
 bbq in korea how authentic can it get hahah

 me and oma XD
tomato pool hahha
 ajushi pour boxes of tomatoes into the pool while kids step over it and...have fun |D

 festivals with kids alright

Lotte World

I went to lotte world once, that 10 years ago when i was still 8 with my grandparents. 
And 10 years later, little did I know I will be stepping on kimchi land again, and the the same park again. 

All, I can say its a dramatically change within these 10 years.
I went to lotte world right after my exams, which was a week away from comic world with my host family.
And yeah , they have both an indoor park and an outdoor park. 
Well, since its ....so hot, my host familly decided to only buy the indoor park ticket.
There was lots of people in the theme park (well its a sunday after all) 

We only got to ride a few rides. 
One of the rides was pretty absurd.. 
You need to wait for 2 and a half hour >_> 
what the....heck, AND IT WAS NOT EVEN HALF FUN.

but well yeah the sinbad ride, I remember riding it 10 years ago LOL.
Riding it again with my family....yay arabian /me bricked
feels nostalgic that it made me home sick oTL

I feel feeling abit tired that day so I kind of just silently enjoyed it by sitting on a bench pedo-ing at lolis and shotas  watching my "dong saeng" having fun on the rides hahahha. 

 lotte world on top 

 lotteria for lunch!!! BULGOGI BURGER TIEMS 

 two things i love in lotteria, 1st is the small bulgogi burger, 2nd is vanilla milk shake
 le ticket....HEY OMA WHY AM I A JUNIOR!!!!

 and another reason why i remember lotte world quite well, 
its because of the kdrama stairways to heaven (i actually only recognized the triceratops part LOL)

 summer samba snow

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