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Sunday, August 26, 2012

comic world 110 seoul day 1 report and doujin hauls

Cloudy and fucking hot
 (OH NOES IT MIGHT RAIN but whatever i was inside the hall PFFT)
July 27


This time I did not go to seoul alone but my host family instead brought me there.

Because I told them that i wanted to go cw on saturday so that they can cancel whatever plans they have with me hahahha orz

But yeah after some awkward persuading they finally let me off on my own |D;; I seriously cannot imagine myself going to an event with someone that has no interest with the thing i have lol!

Summer is really hot, I actually considered coslaying Jafar for comic world again but I decided not to because I was lazy to put on makeup and carry my stuff there. 
Summer in korea somewhat makes me want to roll on bed more and refuse to get up lol!

 cw this time was held in setec! 
ti oh oh beloho! GOING TO RAIN LIAOOO
hurray for refills on the vending machines =D

During this comic world, because of the release of bw 2 a month ago, the ticket had BW2's kyouhei and mei chan on top!!! I WAS HIGH OVER A FRIGGIN TICKET LOL . 

 entrence into the center

The halls were friggin crowded as usual and the venue was actually smaller than the one in yang jae sobs. 
There were 3 halls. 2 halls for doujinshis and 1 hall for cosplayers. 

The doujin halls were really really hot. 
The only place that I can seriously feel the air conditioning is the cosplayers hall orz. 

 doujin hall 3
cosplayers hall were the comps are held, and where the cosplayers change and register.

HAHHAHAHAHA so yeah I went to stock up all the doujinshis in all the halls one by one >D
As usual there was alot of inazuma 11 doujinshis and recently fate/zero and kuroko no basuke ones around!!!! 
Okay, lucky I not big fan of knb or else pokkai like shit hahaha. 

There was pokemon ones around too!
 demo ne! I only managed to get 1 ISSHUSHIPPY DOUJINSHI!!! 
sobs i le no satisfied. 

Due to the release of bw 2 which happened a month ago, suddenly all the bw cosplayers popped up! 
whenever i see a touya pass by I give them intense stares that I think they are scared of me oops 

there were around 3 touyas around, this is one of the best ones.
 she really gives me the touya feel (*´▽`*)
so cute and quiet that i want to push her

 touko and N! TOUKO SO TALL AND N IS A MALE /legasp! 

 magi cosplayers hahahhaha not much in the event this time, sadly. =(

 i think she is cosplaying a nico nico douga singer but.....she reminds me of molly lol

And well, similiar to yangjae, setec also has a place outside the convention center that the cosplayers can linger to.

 look!!!! that sea of cosplayers!

 nyek nyek nyek ! And i found pisti! (well not pisti anymore since she is cosplaying fate/zero)

We kind of hanged out for....a short while and yeah we had some camwhores together!

So this time I went back early and had some early din dins with my host family.
Overall cw this time was okay,
 but it was so hot and somewhat i end up loosing my lens cover in the event =(


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